<Jomon art & crafts workshop at Madamamura>

This place called"Madamamura" meaning "polish(cleanse)our soul "was built in 1989 by Yukinori Tachibana who have a concept of "Jomon no Kokoro"which means "Getting back to our beautiful Japanese roots and soul "But this means not only for Japanese but also people from all over the world.

It is time to going back to our spiritual roots way way back to the Jomon(ancient) period. Jomon people used to have a peaceful mind and soul .
They were caring and kind to each others .

When you enter our cafe,  first you will see the Japanese calligraphy 「和楽」means "Peace and Joy "in  front of you.
"Peace and Joy" is the roots of our happiness.

The workshop you will experience "Peace and Joy" through art and creating process. You will feel relaxed and you become more peaceful and happy mind.

Things to do during the workshop

*The workshop will be held on every 2nd(Thu) and 4th(Fri) of the month.
*More details coming up soon.

①Making a Happy Bamboo chopsiticks and chopsticks rest (Fee 4500yen)

②Making a Happy Bamboo Charcoal pendant (large one and small one for 2set)
(Fee 3800yen)

③Making a Peaceful Bamboo Charcoal Wind chime(Fee 4500yen)

④Jomon art and crafts(we are flexible for your needs such as  Drawings ,making crafts or something else etc...) (Fee 4500yen)

*Workshop starts from 1person (10 people max)
*Workshop fee include all the tools and materials
(Drinks and foods are not included but please at least 1 order during the workshop for the cafe)

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