Welcome to Madamamura

Madamamura is an oasis in the outskirts of Osaka where the essence of old Japan still exists. Madamamura means a "place to polish one' s soul." Yukinori Tachibana" who is owner of this place had the vision to create a space where people can escape the business of Japan to a tranquil atmosphere surrounded in nature to enjoy delicious, healthy foods for the soul and mind .

They found a beautiful piece of land in the country side where they decided to build this place in the traditional thatched house design that was used hundreds of years ago. The cafe was built solely using wood joinery rather then nails to maintain the integrity of that era. 7000 bundles of special straw from the Shiga prefecture was used to construct the thatched roof. The roof needs to be maintained with new bundles of straw every few years just like in the old days! The interior of the Madamamura was constructed using wood and timbers that was restored from old buildings from 200-400 years ago.

Many people have expressed how they instantly feel relaxed as they walk into the Madamamura. Perhaps, the energy of the place allows us to tune back to times when life was simple and much less busy. Please come nurture your spirit at Madamamura!